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There are two ways we recommend mounting solar panels on your RV: flat and tilting. While portable panels are also an option, they aren't the most efficient.

Every mounting project is unique, and each option carries its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a closer look at each type of mount below.


Fixed mounts are ideal for summer camping. If you aren't interested in climbing up on your vehicle, or don't want to adjust the panels, a fixed mount is your best option. You won't even need to adjust a fixed mount before a trip. The only downside is that they aren't always as efficient as tilt mounts.


Tilt mounts are best for winter camping, or any environment that doesn't get much sunlight. Tilting mounts are more efficient, especially when the sun sits lower in the sky or is hidden by clouds. They're perfect if you're looking for maximum output from your solar panel system. If you have limited roof space, you might want to consider a tilting mount as well. Another advantage is that they give you easier access to the bottom of the panels for repairs and routine maintenance.


Portable mounts are an option as well but, we don't recommend them as they aren't as efficient and can be cumbersome.

flat vs. tilted rv solar panel mounting

You’ve decided that installing solar panels on your RV is the way to go. No more relying on hookups and conserving every second of battery life you can. Soon, you’ll be able to be anywhere the open road takes you and not have to worry about power. Now, the question is just how do you get the solar panels mounted?


Choosing the right solar panel for your RV can be involved and at times, confusing. At Sunlight Solar, our RV solar panel experts are here to help you understand the process inside and out, and help you make the best choice for your individual needs.

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