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There are three type of batteries to choose from for powering your system: Deep Cycle batteries, Seal Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, and Lithium Ion batteries. Deciding which battery is best for your RV is an important choice so be sure you make the right one.


Most RV’s come with a deep cycle battery installed by the manufacturer. These batteries are a single unit that can fit into a small space. They were developed at a time when saving space was important and, only a few small appliances needed to be run. Even though deep cycle batteries come stock from most RV manufacturers, they’re not the best option for running multiple large appliances.


Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are low maintenance. They’re sealed from the outside and therefore leakproof. These batteries are lightweight and can tolerate cold temperatures. This makes them an excellent choice for winter camping. Their temperature variance allows them to last up to five times longer than other batteries. Lithium Ion Batteries:


The highest quality option are Lithium Ion batteries. These batteries are lighter weight than AGM batteries. They also afford more AMP hours.

Choosing the right battery for your RV is essential if you’re going to enjoy it to the fullest. Unfortunately, it’s a decision a lot of people overlook. Before you buy, do some research ahead of time. If you have questions or need some guidance, Sunlight Solar is here to help! Just give us a call!

Choosing the right rv solar battery

The most important component in your RV’s electrical system is the battery. When you unplug your RV from an AC power outlet (shore power), it’s the battery’s job to provide power to run electronics like the water pump, lights, and refrigerator.


Choosing the right solar panel for your RV can be involved and at times, confusing. At Sunlight Solar, our RV solar panel experts are here to help you understand the process inside and out, and help you make the best choice for your individual needs.

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